Saturday, July 17, 2010

Welcome to the Gardens at Cheesecake Farms!

This is the first blog about our gardens here at Cheesecake Farms.

Our regular, main blog (just called Cheesecake Farms) has been up for a few years and we posted recipes, helpful hints and general information about good food, great gardens and a healthy life style.  We posted about our Bed and Breakfast located in Sumerduck, Virginia.

But this morning, just as the dawn was breaking, I was out in the garden with my first mug of coffee, watering and planning for the day when I thought that maybe, just maybe you might be interested in how we 're developing and managing our gardens..... so, I'm creating this very special gardening blog.

Cheesecake Farms is a 25 acre farm that's home to 3 horses, 1 dog, 11 cats and us - my husband Tony & me.  We have a Bed and Breakfast on the farm.  Several of the rooms are in the "Mane House Inn".  Some are at the barn.

We're working on the gardens of the Mane House Inn right now.  It's the most challenging.  The Inn was a newly constructed house - built about 4 years ago.

The builder, who claimed to know everything about landscaping and soil, removed every bit of top soil from the house site and took most of it away.  What we were left with was solid red clay that was impossible to get a shovel into.  Nothing would grow on it - not even grass.  It was a nightmare.   I had lots of "professional" people out to give me advice on what to do.   All they could tell me was to bring in truck loads of new (and purchased!) topsoil.   Can you imagine what that would cost?

So I set about to find out what I could do and not spend a fortune.  I'm going to chronical what we did and what we're doing.  My goal is to make a place so beautiful and so filled with wild life that we're asked to be part of the annual Garden Week in Virginia.  Yes, that's what I want.  A beautiful, healthy garden - vegetables, flowers and herbs. 

I hope you'll join me here from time to time and see how we're doing. Maybe you'll be able to use some of our ideas in your own garden.   

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