Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chapter 7 - Swing into Spring

Suddenly It's Spring!

It's been so gosh darn cold here in Virginia this past winter.  We had snow (not as much as last year thank goodness!) but the winds were stronger and blew fridged air more often.  My old bones are getting just too sensitive to the cold so I spent the winter hybernating and wishing I had gone to Florida until things warmed up again. (By August, I'll be cursing the heat.)

A boxwood wreath dusted
with snow sits on our 
bird bath waiting for
the birds to return. 

But now it's spring. Well, not officially until next month, but Mother Nature has teased us with a few lovely warm days.  The buds on my trees are popping and the brown canes of my roses are turning back to green.  There is hope.

The garden is a mess and there's lots to be done.  First will come new mulch for the paths.  We had to take down several trees that died this past fall so we have huge piles of chips from their wood waiting to be spread.

Roses outside our kitchen door.
Will it ever be spring again?

Even the wash tub planters
 were covered with boxwood
Bear soil is just too dismal!

The seed catelogues that arrived before Christmas are waiting for me on the breakfast table.  I just couldn't deal with them before now but spring has sprung in Sumerduck.  It's time to get back in the garden!


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