Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chapter 31 - Too Hot to Garden

July and August are the most difficult months to garden here in Virginia because it's just so dog-gone hot and steamy.

Oh, it's not as hot and steamy as, say, South Carolina but it's still hotter and steamier than any flower of the south being should have to bear.

I'm not always as good about gardening in July and August as I should be.

In my day planner, I schedule to be up and into the garden at 6AM when it's still cool.

William, my faithful canine companion, is by my side. 

We'll work till 9 or 10AM, sipping coffee.
(William will be sipping water as I should be although I find that first cup of coffee first thing in the morning very pleasurable.)

We'll weed and hoe and move compost to mulch needy plants. 
We'll water the container plants and trim back the over growth. 

Willam after our
morning garden workout
At 10, we'll stop for a quick breakfast then it's off to the barn to tend the horses and barn cats.

We're back by noon to stay safely in the air conditioning until the cool (hopefully) of the evening.

Yes, my day planner makes me look like a mini Martha.  All I need is some light, tinkle-y music playing softly in the back ground for the picture to be complete.

The truth is that when it's hot and steamy, the garden often goes untended.  Occasionally, I'll poke my hand out the door to turn on the drip hose spigot so the plants get some relief but venture out the door?   Nah.

Our elder gentleman

I'd rather sit in my air conditioned parlor to sip my juleps than have a melt down on the veranda.  But, then again, there is all that moisture in the air that keeps our delicate (and world renowned) southern lady skin smooth and wrinkle free. 

I know I shouldn't feel guilty about hiding out in July and August because I get twice as much garden work done in the cooler months than in the dog days of summer - maybe even more.

I think that's why they created Saratoga.... where the Virginia gentry go for the summer. 

They pretend to go for the horse races but I think what they really go for is to escape the heat.


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