Saturday, July 2, 2011

Garden Magazine Rehab

Is there such as thing as garden magazine rehab?
I think I need it.

I've got gardening magazines stacked up to the ceiling. 
Old ones.
New ones. 
Cast off's from friends who are too environmentally conscious to throw their's out so they recycle them to me.

I've got boxes and baskets of clippings, too. 

Articles, pictures, and inspirational findings by the bushel-ful that I plan to (someday) file and maybe put up on a story board to help me create the garden of my dreams.

I swore I would never buy another gardening magazine - ever.   Never/ever.

Then, yesterday, while standing in the check out line at Walmart,  a colorful, flower and vegetable splashed magazine cover caught my eye.

Grow deer and bug resistant vegetables.
How to get your friends to weed your beds.
The easy way to make a garden fountain out of your old china.
Win a $5000 garden make over.
Recycle garden trash into big bucks
Throw a no-work, shabby chic garden party.
Iowa farm girl goes from prom queen to tomato queen

It went on and on. 

"OK,"  I said to myself,  "I'll just flip through the pages real fast and get an idea of how to make fountains out of old china.  I won't buy the magazine.  I can always Google for free directions if I decide to make a fountain."   

It sounded like a good plan.  I was in control. 
I wouldn't be tempted to buy yet another magazine. And certainly not this one - it was way too expensive.

Then....woosh!  The clerk was ready to check me out. 
Rats..... I hadn't had enough time to even find the fountain article much less speed read it.

"Do you want that magazine?"  the clerk asked. 
"(sigh) Yes, (sign again)"   I had brought another magazine.

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